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Coach Earl Green's Approach to Training

Over the past few years, teaching baseball mechanics has become exponentially more science-based. For some coaches/instructors, innovations in measurement and analytics have given us valuable new insights into players’ movements. This information helps us better understand what’s working well for them and what needs improvement.

When working with Earl Green, the player’s baseball progression will be identified and simplified.

These revolutions in baseball science have made teaching the swing more difficult to produce maximum results. It’s challenged people to expand their knowledge of one's ability to perform at a high level. The IQ of fundamental baseball topics and data collection on why some things happen and why they do not happen, has become public knowledge via data. The kinetic chain of the swing, has forced instructors to embrace the use of the super-high-tech tools newly at their disposal to only overload the brain.

Hitting a ball is hard enough. Working with Earl Green will help you understand why body functions work and how to eliminate wasted movements. He will translate explosions, point of contact, balance the mental aspect of the game, and focus on what makes each player he works with the best player they can be.

The capacity to understand and utilize high-level scientific information is limited.

Earl Green feels his job is to continue to spend time learning the complex science behind the sport, understand how it relates to the players he works with, and know how to package it into language and drills that each ball player can actually use to maximize their abilities.

Ball players need understandable, actionable information that they can put into practice on the field or in the batting cage (without having a college degree in biomechanics).

Earl Green Cheat Code: Private Hitting & Fielding Lessons

All booked lessons must be paid in advance.  You will remit payment at the time of booking.

Private lessons will be held at The Vet, located at:

140 Long Rd.
Chesterfield, MO 63005

If you purchase a package of lessons (8, 12, or 16), you will have the option to book your first lesson in your package.  All additional lessons will need to be booked personally by me, Coach Earl Green.

Please call me to secure these dates and times after you've scheduled your first lesson: 314-307-2953